Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Photo edition

--- 1 ---
February 1st we began our move! While the kids sat in a chair watching TV, D and I began loading our cars with boxes to take to the new place...

--- 2 ---
....and boxes, and boxes, and BOXES. Yes, there were a lot of boxes. But this stack of EMPTY boxes were the fruits of our labor by Saturday night. We worked all day Friday and all day Saturday, and by Sunday morning we were about 95% moved in!

--- 3 ---
Which was good, because on Sunday we got to spend time with some very special friends of ours who came ALLLL the way from Alaska to warm up a little bit. Bebe and K are only 2 weeks apart and they are both cut from the same mold. I've never met another child Bebe's age who matches her personality and energy as much as K does. We had a great time with K and her family--we swam at our pool, then we went to Chipotle (on Superbowl Sunday night, so the place was dead). Poor Bebe cried the entire way home after saying goodbye.
--- 4 ---
My silly boy. He's fascinated by all of the doors here. Since we're in a downstairs unit, our apartment is handicap-accessible and the doors have easy-to-open handles. Many doors have been slammed in the last week by this playful little bugger.

--- 5 ---
Combining the kids from 2 rooms into 1 was probably my biggest challenge. I had a floor plan going in, but once I got in there, nothing felt "right" where I had envisioned it. When I came home Monday night, I found this:
D had the morning off and took it upon himself to rearrange the kids' bedroom. And he did a great job! Their toys are all neatly put away and there's a nice large space in the center of the room for them to use for playing.

--- 6 ---
We lost a room when we moved. We went from having separate dining and living room spaces to having one large (but not very large!) space for both. I'm pretty happy with how we set things up. It honestly doesn't feel as small

--- 7 ---
As if moving isn't stressful enough... On Friday D and I took the day off to do some moving ourselves. On Monday D took off the morning to do some moving-related stuff. On Monday, when I picked Dois up from daycare, he was coughing.  Overnight that cough became a HORRIBLE cold. D and I have been rotating days off, but the poor kiddo is miserable. Tonight I was desperate to eat dinner (kids had been fed) but he was too fussy for me to put down. Finally, out of desperation, I swaddled him and put him in the chair to watch TV. 2 minutes later, this is how I found him:

Sweet boy.
He is on the mend, though. Fever-free for 24 hours, so he's heading back to daycare in the morning.

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  1. I am impressed you moved so quickly! We have slowly been moving for the past two months. I hope it's a long time before we move again! Happy he is feeling better! Poor baby.


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