Thursday, October 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Holiday Edition

As always, thanks to Jen at ConversionDiary for hosting!!

I've got holidays and celebrations on my brain, so I'm going to rattle off my thoughts in today's version of 7 Quick Takes!

Halloween is approaching, and we have no costumes yet. Not panicking yet, but need to get on the ball. Bebe has changed her mind a few times, but I think we've decided on Cleopatra. As for Dois, I thought I would make him a Mr. Potato Head costume with the leftover brown felt I have from last year's Goomba costume, but I've changed my mind and he is going to be Super Why. I'm working to find all the pieces, but we have green sweatpants and a sweatshirt already.

Am I the only person who gets annoyed at how Halloween has stretched out into a multi-night affair? I know if I don't like it, I shouldn't participate in it... but the kids always enjoy the madness. We have a YMCA Halloween event on the 26th, then Trunk-or-Treat at our church on the 27th, and of course there's the ACTUAL Halloween on the 31st. Oh, and did I mention that Bebe is dye-free and HFCS-free? So there are always battles over her wanting to eat her candy, until we offer her to trade it in for money. Works for everyone!

I'm already shopping for the kids' Christmas outfits. Having kiddos 6 years apart means it's hard to find coordinating clothes. I'm always on a wild goose chase! This year I need them sooner than ever, though. D's sister is getting married on November 24th. The wedding isn't very formal, but she asked Bebe to be the "flower girl." I'm thinking if I get something that doesn't look too Christmas-y for the kids, we can use them for the wedding AND Christmas. We don't usually get too fancy for Christmas since there's no family nearby, but this year might be an exception. I'm hoping this dress from Gymboree gets discounted more, and I'm hanging on to a 20% off coupon as well. I'm thinking with Bebe in green, I can put Dois in navy blue and voila!

 Speaking of Christmas, we have a tradition of doing matching family Christmas pajamas. The first year we did them, they were from The Children's Place. Then we did Crazy 8. Then Hanna Andersson for the kids and Crazy 8 for D and I. Last year, we searched low and high and came up with nothing, so we got the kids matching PJs from the Gymboree outlet and D and I sat that year out. It looks like this year (again) we're sitting out, as Crazy 8 didn't sell any adult-sized PJs this year, and I'm not too keen on Gymboree's. Plus, they're selling out of sizes already while they're as expensive as all get-out. I usually wait for sales. I'll be keeping an eye on the Children's Place (they're not out yet), Company Kids, The Disney Store, and Hanna Andersson as well, but they usually are too expensive for us.

Want to hear about our week of insanity? Thanksgiving is the 22nd (I'm hosting--I LOVE it!), my sister-in-law is getting married on the 24th, D and I are celebrating our 9th anniversary on the 27th (we're both taking the day off!), and then Dois turns 2 on the 29th (and I'm taking the day off to spend it with him). Whew! Add to that the fact that my mother-in-law might be staying with us then, and it should be interesting!

I love Christmas music, and I can't wait until it's playing constantly. I know, I am weird. I like everything from the funky to the traditional to the religious. There are very few Christmas songs that I can't stand to listen to. Christmas music ALWAYS puts me in such a good mood!

One day when I wasn't at work, the department brainstormed costume ideas and a theme. They came up with Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs, since there are 8 of us. My boss is going to be Snow White. They renamed the Dwarfs, though, and apparently, I am "Smarty". I saw this awesome costume and am considering doing it. What do you think?!



  1. I love the green dress- why can't they make it in women's sizes???

  2. I know right Priests wife! Little kid clothes are so much cuter than grown up clothes!!

    I am right there with you with christmas music! I LOVE it and I also LOVE christmas movies! My cousin and I are counting down the days until November 9th when Hallmark starts playing christmas movies.

  3. #5 I LOVE weeks like that! So much fun rolled up into a short time and then the more normal week after feels like a vacay!

  4. Love the Super Why idea . . . although I could never pull anything off like that because I'm, well, me. Lucky for me when I asked the girls what they wanted to be they said princesses. With the same dresses that they wore last year. (They were too big last year and had to be cinched up a bit, so they fit this year.)

  5. Um, I might be stealing your halloween costume idea. :) The only potential problem is my roommates and I are having a halloween party that will probably turn into a dance party. Hopefully I don't poke someone in the eye with my awesome photo backdrop while busting an equally awesome dance move.

  6. I love Awkward Family Photos and it never occurred to me to use one as a costume. I say yes to your idea! Annette

  7. I am making us matching pj bottoms this year. We aren't going to say anything and just present ourselves at our in-laws on christmas morning being all matchy matchy. I can't wait!

  8. Great smarty costume!!!!


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