Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Avoidance edition

— 1 —
It's NOVEMBER! Do you know what that means? I shouldn't be blogging, because it's NaNoWriMo! 
But I'm blogging, because NaNoWriMo is going terribly. As of this posting I only have 13,000 words written. Going at this pace I will hit 50,000 by Christmas, not November 30th. I'm discouraged, but I'm not waving the white flag until December 1st.
I am avoiding writing my novel.

— 2 —
Mass chaos ensues next week. Mass chaos = Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law's arrival from Brazil, a wedding rehearsal, a wedding, D and I's 9th anniversary, and Dois' birthday all in a one-week span (the 22nd to the 29th). On the 1st I will sleep. A lot. (I hope.)
I am avoiding getting the house ready for this chaos.

— 3 —
We're starting a new tradition this year. As I blogged in my last post, I love Advent. I love Christmas. This year we are going to have an advent wreath at home. I am hoping that every night before dinner we can light it and say a prayer or reflect on it. 
 I am avoiding the truth that usually I have good intentions but don't follow through.

— 4 —
Dois is in such a fun stage right now. He's tantruming left and right as he struggles with transition and independence, but when he's not melting down, oh my gosh is he funny! Here's a little video of him from Sunday. This was 7:30am. He INSISTED on going out on our patio, despite the fact that it was in the 50s. And then once out there, he felt the need to dance.

I am avoiding the fact that two weeks from now this boy of mine will be TWO. 

— 5 —
D's sister and her husband have asked us to be their "godparents" (tradition in their culture--instead of a best man/maid of honor, they choose a married couple as their "godparents" to mentor them in marriage). She asked us last week. My friends who know me best know not to ask me to be in their weddings. I just DO NOT feel comfortable standing up in front of people.
I am avoiding the fact that the dress I found and planned to buy is out-of-stock, and I have not found a dress yet.

— 6 —
Bebe's Christmas list is a mile long. Dois has plenty of toys left-over from Bebe. 
I am avoiding Christmas shopping.

— 7 —
 This morning I heard a song that truly moved me. Bebe is in the choir at church and they are singing it at the annual Christmas concert. It's called "The Holy Family" by Danielle Rose. Check it out!

I am avoiding crying now, thanks to that beautiful song.

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  1. Is that your advent wreath? It looks like the advent wreath on Monastery Greetings I'm going to buy.

  2. I applaud you for getting 13,000 words. I always play with the idea of NaNoWriMo and then chicken out. It's definitely not something I could do. So well done you!! :D


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