Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today was an AWESOME day!

Have you ever had a day where at the end of it you look book and say, "Wow, today was AWESOME!"

Yeah, today was one of those.

And it was the little things that made it so awesome.

For starters, I wrote over 5000 words of my novel today. As if that wasn't awesome enough, I also hit 25,000 words!! Two pretty big accomplishments in one day.

Then, after work today, I was NOT looking forward to the long list of errands I had to run.

#1 on my list was dress shopping. After finding this dress for myself for this Saturday's upcoming wedding, I waffled on whether to buy something online without trying it on. When I went to order it, it turned out that my size wasn't even in stock, nor was one size bigger or smaller. I was really, really bummed. I kept holding out hope that it would return to stock, but that wasn't the case. So tonight, I headed out in search of a dress to wear instead of the dress I loved. I was planning to go to a few stores, but as I was leaving work, I heard on the radio there was major traffic in the direction I was heading to. There's a Burlington Coat Factory right around the corner from my work, and something inside of me said, "Hey, go ahead in there and see what they have."

So I did. I was browsing the racks of dresses and everything was too short, too flashy, too... not my style. As I was about to give up I said to myself, "I wanted something gray--is there really nothing gray here?" and as I walked by the end of the rack, I spotted it. A gray dress. Upon closer inspection, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was THE gray dress! The one I coveted from Sears! I had to search the racks to find a size I could wear, and then I went to try it on. As soon as I put it on, I gasped. It looked just as good on me as it did online! And the best part? It was ON CLEARANCE for $17! $17 for the cutest dress!

I walked out of there all excited about my new dress!

Then I was off to get a haircut. I was wishy-washy on the whole haircut thing, but in the end I decided I wanted one. It was a new lady and I was a bit nervous, especially as she kept calling me "baby." But she did an AMAZING job! I took about 2" off and I just love it!

My awesome night continued when I went to the store to get some items and everything I bought (unintentionally) was on sale! BONUS!

And then I went to Ross and got a wedding present that was an AMAZING deal.

Yeah, it was a good day.

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