Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy birthday, dear boy.

Today my beloved "Dois" turned dois (two). I just can not believe it. For the longest time after Bebe was born I wanted another child, I longed for another child. I knew our family wasn't complete.

My patience was rewarded in the form of this little boy. He has helped me to embrace motherhood in a way that I was unable to when Bebe was younger.

When Luca was born, D said to me, "If I had known #2 was going to be like this, we would've had #2 sooner." We had no idea how much adding another child would enrich our family.

Luca has brought us so much joy. He is your typical happy-go-lucky, energetic little boy. He is lovey and snuggly and cuddly but only on his own terms. His latest thing is to shout, "Owww!" when he doesn't want anyone near him. It's his way of saying. "Get away!"

I am such a lucky mama to have this boy.

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