Thursday, November 22, 2012

I love Thanksgiving.

I love Christmas and the Christmas season--and I love Thanksgiving because it has always marked the "gateway" to the Christmas season!

Almost nine years ago, on Thanksgiving Day of 2003, D and I promised to love one another until death do we part. What better day to exchange those vows than on a day when we all take the time to reflect on and be thankful for all the blessings in our lives? Through all of our ups and downs, D has always been one of those things I am thankful for. :)

After being diagnosed with my numerous allergies, Thanksgiving meals with family and friends became very difficult to navigate. I didn't feel comfortable partaking in many elements of the meal when butter, eggs, etc. abounded in the various foods on the table.

In 2010, I made a decision: We'd do Thanksgiving at home. That year, I was VERY pregnant with Dois (he was born 4 days after Thanksgiving), so we did Thanksgiving at home just D, Bebe, and I (with a turkey breast instead of a full turkey). That year, I also started this tradition, which we have done every year since (including today!):

We make a "family cornucopia" of all that we are thankful for. I save them when the holiday is over, too. Today we have 3 to put up on the wall!

Last year I absolutely loved going all-out for Thanksgiving. My brother came from NY, and we also had my sister-in-law and her boyfriend join us. We had quite the feast! Perhaps the funniest thing of the entire night was how Dois (a few days shy of 1) enjoyed the turkey leg we offered him!

This year I've got the turkey roasting as I type. We have a full spread for the table again: potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and onions, stuffing (the only thing I'll be making that I can't eat). I just LOVE cooking Thanksgiving. I've been excited for weeks!

No Thanksgiving post would be complete without a list of everything I'm thankful for, but that would take FOREVER. I'm so thankful for a husband I love, for two beautiful children, for my parents and brothers and all of our supported extended family. I'm thankful for employment, for the things we are able to afford, and for our health. And most of all, I am so thankful for the God who created me, who created us, who loves the world SO MUCH that he sent His Son.

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