Monday, April 30, 2012

Standardized testing... dun-dun.

Today is Bebe's first day of standardized testing, ever. I don't remember when I first took a standardized test, but I do remember that EVERY SINGLE YEAR the "example" to teach you how to properly fill in the dot was the same. It went something like, "A baloo is a bear..."

Last week was a review week, filled with "practice tests" and last-minute cramming in of new concepts (like division--how fun!). 21 pages of practice work accompanied her home last Monday (due Friday) and every night there was mourning and gnashing of teeth...

This morning brought nervousness and insecurity. "What if I get ALL the questions wrong?" "What if I forget to put my name on the test?" I did my best to assure her that she'll do fine, that we don't get her individual tests scores, that no matter what all we want is for her to do her best. D and I prayed over her this morning, and I think that helped her feel better.

Let's hope the day (and the next TWO WEEKS! I don't remember them lasting so long) goes by fast.

I'm just looking forward to 2 weeks of no homework at night. Yippee!!

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