Monday, July 16, 2012

Hey, jealousy....

Yesterday I got to experience the joy of grade-school girl drama. It was quite amusing, but also sent alarms screaming through my head, "I'm not ready for this!!"

Bebe's friend who lives behind us came over yesterday. She's a year older. We were planning a trip to the swimming pool, so we asked her to join us and her parents said yes. So Bebe got ready and D took Bebe and her friend to the pool. Dois and I were going to follow when he woke up from his nap.

A half an hour later, Dois and I arrive at the pool to see the girls playing happily together and D swimming around just keeping an eye on them. Well, I have no idea what happened at that point, but 5 minutes later Bebe said her friend wasn't speaking to her. Bebe would swim over to her and the friend would swim away. At one point the girl went to the jacuzzi and Bebe followed. In such a small space the girl just REFUSED to talk to her. What the heck? I admit, after 10 minutes of listening to Bebe be upset because her friend was ignoring her, watching her friend swim away whenever she got close, etc. I decided to pipe up and say, "Hey, do you want to go home?" I think I stunned the friend. I asked her if she wanted to go home because she didn't want to play with Bebe. She tried to make excuses and say that when she comes to the pool with friends they don't usually play together, etc. but then she said the reason why was because she felt like Bebe was more interested in playing with Dois. (Which she was, for like a minute, then she tried to go back to her friend...)

Whooo-boy. Friend is 9 years old and mom is expecting a baby very soon. My guess is that she's starting to wonder if, like happened yesterday, when the baby shows up, she'll be forgotten. By the time Dois and I were ready to leave the pool, she had come around again and was talking/playing with us a little more. I went to take Dois home, and D promised they'd be leaving "in 10 minutes." FORTY minutes later they came home. He said once Dois and I left, the girls went back to playing like before and they were having so much fun he didn't want to bring them home.

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