Thursday, August 23, 2012

I have a "thing" (or two), do you?

Have you ever been talking to someone and they're like, "Oh, you have a thing for ______! I have a question for you...." In this case thing=obsession. I've heard it before and I heard it again this morning. It always makes me laugh.

I guess some people classify me as having the following "things":

Car seats -- Yup, you could say I have a "thing" for them. I'm not sure I've gotten to the level of some I know (who have one or two children and a collection of ten or more seats), but I am very well-educated on car seat safety, I educate anyone who will listen about them, I keep up on the latest products and trends, and some day I dream of becoming a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.

Cloth diapers--Some would debate that since we use disposable diapers on occasion (as we did on our most recent vacation), that my passion for cloth diapers can't be THAT strong. But it is. I understand and value all the reasons that people cloth diaper--cost-effectiveness, environmental, cuteness factor, etc. I love to talk about how we use cloth, why we use cloth, and the challenges and struggles we have faced along the way.

Grammar--Well, duh. It's what I do full-time as my day job. I should HOPE I have a "thing" for grammar! (Otherwise, they've hired the wrong girl!)

Baby gear thing--I guess you could add that alongside the car seat and cloth diaper "things." I know a lot about baby gear. A LOT. That's probably because I'm a researcher by nature and have researched the heck out of baby-related items, both when pregnant with Bebe and again with Dois (and WOW, did things change in the 6 years between having them!).

Funny... just looking at these "things" it made me think maybe I have a series I could create... "Thing Thursday" haha! Where each Thursday I focus on one of my "things" I am passionate about. Hmmm....
I'm sure I have more, once I think of them...

So tell me, what are YOUR "things"??


  1. I have a City Mini baby jogger double stroller that I am obsessed with.

  2. Share more about cloth diapering! We are just starting out!

  3. When I get pregnant, I'm just going to let YOU do all of the picking-out of stuff for me :)


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