Monday, August 20, 2012

What weekend?

It's Monday again. The weekend is over, and once again I find myself saying, "What weekend?"

Friday night I abandoned work and gathered up the kiddos to see a movie in the park with some friends. When we got there, we found out that the much-anticipated (by me) movie, Hook, was not being shown. Instead, they were showing The Smurfs. At least Bebe was thrilled. (I didn't mind, but we have seen The Smurfs many times.)

Saturday was... Saturday. Chores in the morning with Dois underfoot, Bebe was off to gymnastics, and then there were more chores to follow. D wound up taking the night off, which was nice. We went to Mass at night (what a difference, especially for Dois! He spent the entire Mass coloring quietly), then went out to dinner and hit the mall for a bit of walking/play time (our mall has a cool play area where you can pay for bigger kids to play--it has obstacle courses, jolly jumps, etc.).

Yesterday we lost the entire day. I kid you not. At 5pm I was still in my PJs when we decided to go to the swimming pool. We (well, D and I) worked ALL. DAY. LONG. While Dois wanted to go here, there, and everywhere ALL. DAY. LONG. And Bebe whined and complained ALL. DAY. LONG. because her friends weren't home and she was boooooored.

We have too much stuff. You should SEE the heap of items that we have sorted out to be photographed and posted on Craigslist, and the other heap to be donated. And all we can do is ask ourselves, "How did it get so bad?" I can tell you... we're impulsive shoppers. And we need to stop that.

It's Monday, I'm back at work with a FULL plate, and I don't feel like I relaxed at all this weekend.

I wish we could figure out something better so we didn't work all weekend. It's not fair to us OR the kids.

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