Thursday, September 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Randomness

As always, thanks to ConversionDiary for hosting this week's Quick Takes!
Pepsi Throwback is insanely addicting. We started buying it when it first came out because it has "natural sugar" vs. high fructose corn syrup. It has SO much sugar, and I know it is BAAAAD BAAAAD BAAAD... but it's sooooo good. I've tried asking D to just stop buying it, but then a night comes where I have a migraine and the ONLY thing that works for me is 600mg of ibuprofen + caffeine. It's a sad, sad night when I'm home with the kids and a slamming headache, only to find there's no caffeine to be found in the house!

I wear blue all the time. I have fair skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. Whenever I wear blue, people compliment me on my eyes... When I put away my clothes the other day, I determined that over 50% of my shirts are some shade of blue or blue/green. I don't know if that's vain (asking for compliments) or force of habit.

It's supposed to be fall, right? So where's the fall weather? It's supposed to be in the 90s this weekend! Oh well, I'll take 90s over 50s ANY DAY. That's one of the reasons why I moved to the West Coast, after all.

I am annoyed that Stride Rite and New Balance pretty much own the market for wide-width toddler shoes that ARE NOT WHITE. They're SO expensive, and both my kids have been fat-footed babies. And they go through sizes so quickly! I'm constantly scouring the sales and resale shops looking for affordable (under $20 is ideal) pairs. Diamonds in the rough, I tell you!

We're going to look at a house on Sunday. I am hoping that seeing one will relieve D of his itch to house-hunt. He goes through phases and is now in the, "Look! The market is moving! PANIC!!!!!!!!" phase. Thankfully, I know him well enough to know that he'll settle down once he dreams a bit and then when crunch numbers. I'm not willing to entertain the thought of buying a house until we survive November without any job losses.

I learned an interesting fact the other day and because I am having a hard time coming up with QTs, I think I'll share it here: Do you know why the Pope wears white? Initially, Popes wore red robes adorned with white since they were bishops first and then Pope... but then Pope Pius V was a Dominican and he wanted to continue to wear the white robe of his order. Ever since then, the Pope has worn white.

I am completely and totally out of ideas of things to share with you, I'll share Bebe's latest joke that she made up:
What do you call a cow with no legs?
 (Because it has no legs, it's on the ground, and it's a cow, and it's beef... Hahaha.)


  1. #1: I'm totally a Coke junkie! I'm convinced that my caffeine binge lately has warded off some migraines.


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