Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last night, Dois showed us that he learned a new word:


He has absolutely no idea how to use it yet, though, so he is applying it to all situations. Last night his train came apart and he wanted me to fix it while I was cooking dinner. I told him to bring it to Bebe to fix. Well, he started yelling, "Mine! Mine! Miiiiiiiiinnnnneeeee! Mine!" in this really mean, adamant voice. Whoo-boy! I helped him fix it and went back to cooking dinner.

Later when it was time to get ready for bed, he didn't want to get diapered/dressed (he never does), so he tried yelling "Mine!" again. Of course, that didn't work... so then the "Mine!" turned into banshee-screaming, kicking, and noodle-like body contortions. *sigh* I think D and I cursed ourselves the other day when we talked about how great Dois is doing. He has calmed down a lot ... I guess that was the calm before this storm.

This morning getting him dressed for daycare, he showed Daddy his new word. Except this time it was followed by a tantrum like we haven't seen in FOREVER: kicking, screaming, scooting himself across the floor, shrieking, etc.

Please tell me this will pass soon....

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