Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mommy time Monday

On Mondays while Bebe is at children's choir, I now have forty-five minutes to an hour of one-on-one time with Dois. D and I have always made a point of trying to spend one-on-one time with him, but since he's younger, goes to bed earlier, etc. it just hasn't happened as much as we'd like for it to. Bebe gets in her one-on-one time when he's napping on the weekend, or after he's in bed during the week. Enrolling Bebe in choir, though, has enabled me to "schedule in" a pocket of time to spend with him though.

This past Monday was wonderful. After I signed Bebe into choir, Dois was still eating the snack I'd brought him. I decided to see if the chapel was opened for Adoration, and it was! I sat him down on a chair and knelt down to pray... and he was SO SO QUIET. I prayed for maybe 10 minutes, then I sat down and pulled him onto my lap. He pointed to the stained-glass windows (with his sticky fingers) and smiled and we practiced saying "Jesus." Then I said an "Our Father" with him and started singing, "Jesus Loves Me." He pressed his cheek really close to mine as I was singing, and when I finished he stayed there. My super-active little boy decided to bless his mama's heart by hanging on for just a few more moments.

We walked out into the courtyard (our church has beautiful grounds) and spent the next 15-20 minutes sliding in the crushed granite, jumping and running in the grass, etc. Then, after a quick trip to the bathroom to wash his hands (now dirt had adhered to the sticky residue), we went inside the church to listen to the tail end of choir practice. He sat so calmly on a chair next to me, flipping through the pages of a songbook.

I was amazed. And after that 45-minute (or so) period, I came away so energized. I can't wait for more time with my boy.

(Editing to add: I just realized that for the next 4 weeks we will get even MORE one-on-one time! Bebe is taking a swim class for 4 weeks during her usual Saturday gymnastics class, so for those 4 weeks gymnastics is moved to Thursday nights. Bonus!)

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