Sunday, December 2, 2012

24 Days of Christmas: Day 2

Today's homily served as a reminder that I really should be calling this the "24 days of Advent" because Christmas doesn't start until December 25th. Ooops.

Today our activity was to set up our Advent wreath on the table. This is our first year of having an Advent wreath in our home. I'm viewing it as a challenge: usually we don't sit down all together for dinner. It's a sad-but-true reality. When we walk in the door I usually set Dois up to eat because he's STARVING. Then I head to the kitchen to make Bebe's dinner. By the time I'm done, Dois is done, so he gets down and Bebe sits down to dinner. Then I make my dinner (since due to my food allergies I usually don't eat what they do).

My plan is for us to sit down and eat together nightly, and read the Advent reflection for the day. light the candle, and pray before we eat. I'm glad my mother-in-law is here until after Christmas. She will definitely be helpful in aiding me in getting us all to sit down to dinner together.

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