Thursday, December 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes: I'm back!

I haven't done 7QT in a few weeks, but I'M BACK! 
Thanks as always to Jen at ConversionDiary for hosting.

— 1 —

You may remember that in November I was participating in something called NaNoWriMo, short for National Novel Writing Month. The goal was to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Well, guess what? I DID IT! That's write, I "won" NaNoWriMo. I got the sheer excitement and energy of knowing that when I buckle down I CAN do something like write a novel! I am far from publishing it, but the fact that I DID IT is no small feat! I did get this cool "web badge", though. I'll wear it proudly!

— 2 —
How are you doing with your holiday shopping? Do you shop for everyone or do you and your spouse split the duty? I do pretty much all of our gift-buying, although the decision-making is mutual. The gift I am most excited to give someone is this one.

No, it's not a fraternity paddle: It's a gnocchi board! My brother and his girlfriend have recently discovered their love of pasta-making and I thought that this would be an awesome addition to their kitchen. Don't worry, I got them more than just this.

— 3 —
My mother-in-law is staying with us for 5 weeks. Have I mentioned that? And since D works 2 jobs, when I come home at night it's herself, me, and the kids. And, um, I speak no Portuguese. And she speaks no English. Let's just say we have some VERY interesting "conversations" involving gestures and frantic paging through the English-Portuguese dictionary.

— 4 —
Besides my "24 Days of Christmas" posts, I'm finding it hard to return to the blogging/Twitter world. I guess because I was using all my time and resources into writing, that now I'm struggling to get back to "normal".
— 5 —
I'm only on the 5th QT and I'm already running out of steam. Okay, what is your favorite Christmas movie? Here's a little clip of mine. It was part our "getting ready for Christmas" every year that I can remember as a child. The opening just makes me so happy.

— 6 —
Confession: I told DD about St. Nick's day last week some time, but I forgot to actually do St. Nick today. I know, I'm a terrible mom. Get me to a confessional!

— 7 —
I'm glad these QTs are done now. I've never felt so boring in my life. I promise I'll ask Santa to give me some quick-wit, or an amusing life or something.


  1. HAHA my life is boring too. I remember when my grandpa died the lady that helped bathe him and take care of him spoke greek? Some language I hadn't heard of really. My gma had this dictionary and it had all sorts of weird phrases and my cousins and I were all teenagers and kept telling her we had diarrhea. For real it was a phrase in the book!!

    I did not know you needed a special board to make Gnochi. We make raviolis every christmas. I'm living the advent posts :)

    1. You don't need a special board to make gnocchi but it gives them the outer "curly" pattern. I figured for $5 it was a surprise add-on. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Congratulations on winning! Good luck with the language barrier :)

  3. There are weeks I TOTALLY feel like that with quick takes, I get to number three and am out of things to say. I've found that if I start writing them earlier in the week then I can come up with things to say!

    I think my favorite Christmas movies are Elf, Rudolph, The Santa Clause and Christmas Vacation and I don't think I could pick if you made me! =)

    1. Oh Rudolph! That's another one I love.

      I may need to try coming up with my QTs as the week passes. Thanks for the tip!


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