Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes: The Virgin Edition


I follow several blogs that participate in 7 Quick Takes (Ahem, Rabbit, Catholic Newlywed, A Mom's Life, etc.) and I thought I'd give it a whirl as well. Woo-hoo to new things!


There is nothing more energizing than a glass of Tropicana orange juice (FROM THE BOX, which is hard to find anymore! We buy it by the case at Costco.) first thing in the morning. It's even better than coffee. I've read that citrus can be very mood-lifting.


Two weeks from today will be Bebe's last day of school. She has an awesome summer schedule filled with YMCA camps like Paint Splat Camp (super soakers + giant bedsheets = FUN!!), Down on the Farm (learning about growing foods, being on a farm, etc.), and of course, swimming. I am a bit jealous.


I miss Brazil. We used to travel there every 12-18 months. We haven't been there since March of 2010. I was looking at old photos and just wishing we could get away. Buying plane tickets for 4 is going to suck, though. We plan to go in 2014 for the World Cup, but I'm hoping we can make it there in 2013, too.


My fingers are really dirty and I can't get them clean. Any tips? Two days ago I was trying to un-clog our garbage disposal. I got out a bunch of gross stuff, and my fingers were covered in black/brown gunk. I have scrubbed with pumice stones, used hot water, tons of soap, etc. But there is STILL dirt in my finger prints, corners of my fingers, etc. I look like I work in a body shop, and I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. HELP?!


On Monday there were 10.5 pounds of strawberries in our fridge. I think we're down to about 6 now. I loooove strawberry season! I can not get enough of those red hearts of deliciousness.


This weekend we're creating our "Summer Bucket List" of things we want to do between Memorial Day and Labor Day. What will be on yours this summer?

HAPPY FRIDAY, and have a safe and fun-filled Memorial Day weekend!

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