Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teaching moments.

Bebe was bored this afternoon, and knowing that her closest neighbor/friend was gone, she asked if she could go play with the girl across the street, K. Now, they used to play together quite a bit, but they bickered constantly, and it got to the point where we just stopped encouraging them to play together. Their personalities just clashed too much.

Needing to get a lot done in the house to prepare for my parents' visit this week, we agreed. She went over to K's house for a bit, and then they came over to our house.

One of the main issues we had with K playing at our house was that as soon as something happened that she didn't like, she'd run. As in, just walk out, with no notice and go home. Which was a concern, of course, because she's only 6 and she has to cross the street with no one watching.

This afternoon things were going smoothly until, while playing Monopoly, apparently Bebe said something like "Haha, I got $10" and K decided she was done. Thankfully, we were all upstairs and the gate was closed so she wasn't able to make a break for it. I asked her, "K, where are you going?" and she said, "Bebe said, 'Haha, I got $10.'" I explained to her that instead of running away when her feelings are hurt, it's better to tell the person how you're feeling. I instructed her to go back to Bebe and say, "I feel this way because you said..." And she did. And Bebe apologized, and you could tell, she really was sorry and she hadn't thought her statement had hurt K's feelings. They went on to play for another 20 minutes before K's mom came over to get her. I'm just so glad I was there to have a "teaching moment" with both girls.

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