Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Isn't the saying, "Time flies when you're having fun."??

It's been a week since I last blogged?

"Time flies when you're having fun!" Isn't that the saying?

Time flew this past week. But I wasn't having fun, that's for sure.

I thought getting back into our regular routine after having house guests would be easy. Nope. Bedrooms needed to be re-arranged to their normal setups, catch-up on housework needed to be done, etc.

Friday night I picked up the kids, and we headed to Target to pick up a few items. As we were leaving after school, Bebe complained she was cold (when it was 70 degrees out) and said she felt shaky when we got to Target (she does have issues with low blood sugar at times), so I told her I had a fruit cup she could have while we were shopping. She barely touched it as we walked in, then proceeded to spend 10 minutes in the restroom (but told me twice she was OK). She came out looking pale but said she was OK, just "shaky" so I told her to eat. I lifted her into the cart and realized her sugar might be lower than I thought. So I snagged a sugar packet from the cafe and had her down it while we headed to the cheese section to grab some cheese sticks to "chase" the sugar with. We finished our shopping, and once in the car, she was asleep before we even left the parking lot. Still feeling alarmed that her blood sugar was out of whack, I drove home, got her to walk in the house, took her temp just to see what was up... and it was 101.3.

Her fever lasted ALL WEEKEND LONG. It was between 101 and 103 all weekend. She had no other symptoms of being sick at all. But the weekend was such a battle because Bebe *hates* taking medicine. So every 2tsp dose of ibuprofen came with a battle. It was exhausting. :/

Monday morning came around and she was still feverish, so D took her to the pediatrician. The verdict? Strep throat. Bless his heart, it took D TWO HOURS of arguing/fighting with Bebe to get her to take her antibiotic. And it wasn't easy. In the end it was my threat that she had 10 minutes to take it or D would take her to the hospital for a Rocephin shot that prompted her to do it. Oh boy. And then she said it didn't taste too bad, apologized to D, thanked him for staying home with her, and started looking up "bacteria" and "antibiotic" in the dictionary.

Between my parents' visit, and then this, and Dois getting his 2 bottom molars, we have not had a single night of straight-through sleep in about 3 weeks. Both D and I are completely and totally wiped. So give me a few more days to sleep and revive my wit and wisdom and I'll be back on track... (I hope.)

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