Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just one of 'dem days...

Today was just NOT my day.

I found out my parents missed their connection flight home. I got to work late (AGAIN). Five minutes after I got to work, I got a talking-to about errors I missed (later in the day I would find out that this wasn't my fault, but still, it didn't make things better). I was in a cranky mood by that point, which meant bickering with D. Sometimes I wish he'd ignore me when I'm in a mood (although, granted, that might make me angrier!) but instead we went back-and-forth 10 or 15 times. I picked up Bebe from the Y after picking up Dois, and her face had evident of chocolate on it. Turns out she had chocolate pudding for a snack. Bebe is HFCS and dye-free... and we don't let her eat chocolate much at all lately. We keep a snack box at the Y that she is supposed to choose from, but she didn't. So I'm like, oh great, this is going to be a funnnnn night. (Usually it means she's emotional, wired, can't sleep, etc.)

Then on the way home my kids decided to do their own personal version of the "Charlie Bit Me" video that went viral a few months ago. Sitting next to each other in the car, Bebe "was touching Dois' nose" (according to her) and he bit her. HARD. So then she starts freaking out and crying hysterically because it hurts and it might be bleeding and she hates seeing blood, and then DOIS starts freaking out and crying hysterically because SHE is...

And at that point I'm remembering the "Calgon, take me away!!" commercials from my youth.

I guess the evening wasn't TOO awful, although Bebe did go to bed later than normal.

I sure hope tomorrow is better, though. I'm exhausted!

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