Thursday, May 3, 2012

The descending of the parentals...

Our house is abuzz as we prepare for my parents to arrive on Tuesday. I've got a list a mile long of things to do before they arrive (the biggest one being that we are moving Dois to Bebe's room on Saturday, since my parents will be Dois' room for their stay).

Last night when I talked to them, my dad asked to talk to Bebe. They wound up talking for about 10 minutes, which surprised me (usually she's not a huge fan of talking on the phone). We last saw them over a year ago. I'm really excited for them to see the kids again, and for me to see how the kids interact with them.

The sucky part is that I have to work the entire time. I'm not sure I can get a single day off. :( I have to save my vacation hours for this summer, because we rented a cabin for a week in July.

Oh well, it will be nice to have them here. They'll be here for Mother's Day (which is also Bebe's First Communion), and we're planning on having a barbecue. Can't wait for that!

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